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Excellence in Education

    The son of a retired Inola teacher, Ben has seen the sacrifices of our educators firsthand. Ben understands the need for Oklahoma to create an competitive environment to keep from losing great teachers to better paying jobs in other parts of the country.

    Ben is proud of Oklahomaís vocational training system and will support efforts to keep the system the best in the United States.

Local jobs; Local Economy

    A small businessman himself, Ben faces the day-to-day realities of payroll and benefits for his employees. He understands the real-world issues of both employees and employers.

    The Mid-America Industrial Park and the Lake Hudson area provide two key assets for developing commerce within the District.

    As State Representative, Ben will support legislation which provides tax incentives to attract new businesses with quality jobs to District 8.


    Whether a career or hobby, agricultural and outdoor pursuits are important to the people of District 8. Ben believes we can have growth in District 8 without compromising our rich agricultural traditions and will strive to protect the interests of farmers, ranchers, and outdoorsmen.


    Ben is involved where he lives, where he works, and where he attends church. Ben believes the key to effective government by the people and for the people starts with individual involvement at the local level.

    In Benís service as State Representative, he will encourage his constituents to make a difference by serving in local government, school boards, churches, volunteer organizations, and jury duty when called.


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